Thoughts on FIVE

I have never really been a huge fan of odd numbers of people, especially when it came to my family size. I was perfectly content with our four children and when asked if we would have more kids I replied, “I think it would take an angelic vision to convince me to have another one […]

I can be thankful

Despite all my woes, I have come to the conclusion that, I can be grateful. I can be grateful for my awesome super smart phone that I can take pictures from, edit pictures, and even post a blog all while being pasted to the floor. I can be grateful for four outstanding children who play […]

I’m Trying

I am trying really hard not to feel sorry for myself, because Wes has been gone for three whole days and we still have another FIVE to go. I am trying not to feel sorry for myself because my legs are swollen and my varicose veins are aching and getting uglier and uglier by the […]

The truth

Addie: “Mom, is I eat all the popcorn I gonna throw up. So, I don’t wanna eat all the popcorn.” “My feet are getting bigger, because I drinking all my orange juice.” “Mom, I getting big, cause I can cut my waffle, and buckle myself, and Mom, I can ride my bike through the grass! […]

Oh, help us.

Ha! I just love my little ladies! They make my days just grand. Most of the time anyway. Sometimes they make me completely NUTS!!! And I even experience a brief desire to run away and hide, but mostly they just make me happy. While eating lunch they were ecstatic that they both had matching plates. […]

But I will cry forever

Tonight, Adelie has been on a desperate mission trying to convince me to cave into her will: “Mom, you sleep by me?” I’ll come sing you a song, but I can’t sleep in your bed. “But mom, I will cry forever.” …. “Mom, I’ll be your friend if you do.” … “Can I sleep on […]

A piece of the mess inside

Streams of thoughts have been racing through my mind for days, and on multiple occasions I have longed to just sit down and get it on screen, but it hasn’t happened. So, here is piece of the mess inside. #1 I was talking with my good friend Rebecca at the gym, an awesome spot for […]