Any day now…

Taken at 38 weeks. Currently I am 39 weeks and one day pregnant, but who’s counting??? My Tums are sitting in the corner. How would I survive without you??? I decided it is time. Time for this little lady to come. I’m out of room. She has dropped SUPER LOW. And I am more than […]

Eight is GREAT!

  The day of Hannah’s birthday she woke up incredibly ill. I felt horrible for her! She fevered all day long and rarely left the couch. Poor girl! She felt so terrible that she had no desire to eat her special dinner or her lemon tart. Lucky for me, tarts are even better after spending […]

boat races and shelters

Back in June Scouts held their annual rain gutter regatta. Jacob’s two favorite movies to watch are Planet Earth and Bear Grylls. One day after watching several of Bear’s daring adventures, Jacob headed outside to make his own shelter. Collecting bamboo I sure love this boys ingenuity, imagination, and varied interests. You are AMAZING Jacob!

the run down

Three weeks to go before we get to meet our baby! I can’t believe she is almost here. As always, I have missed my blog, but what can I say, it is summer. We have either been having entirely too much fun, or I have been a stressed out nut trying to keep up with […]