dumb and bald

{SIGH} I really miss my brain. I hope it comes back soon. It’s terrible! I have double and even tripled booked myself. I can not recall the most basic information. I can barely carry on a conversation, often forgetting what I am saying mid sentence. And I am afraid to commit to anything for fear […]

Mawidge is what bwings us togethaw today

It saddens me when a person can not share their opinion on an issue without being labeled ignorant, bigoted, or hateful. The irony is the same people crying for tolerance and understanding, are upset, intolerant of another view, and find it offensive. Why is that?   I know this does not apply to most, since […]

A crazy cuckoo bird

I like my Cora! I’m glad she’s she. There’s no one else I’d rather have her be. I like her eyes,   her ears, her nose.   I like her fingers and her toes… I’d still like Cora with fleas or warts, or with a silly snout that snorts, or knobby knees or hippo hips […]

hot bread

Thanks everyone for your kind loving comments and advice in regards to thrush. I love you! I am taking Diflucan, thank you Kammy, and hoping and praying for the best. Sammy your comment made me laugh out loud. Sometimes, okay a lot of times, those dang postpartum hormones get the best of me. =) Today […]

baby lip stick

sigh… I feel like I could just bawl. Cora and I have thrush, also known as yeast, for the THIRD time. She is just barely a month old. UGH>>> It hurts, I feel terrible, and did I mention I just want to cry? To top it off, I have accomplished nothing besides feeding people and […]

The Best Stress Reliever

HA! HA! The intense looks on my girl’s faces cracks me up. I am the luckiest girl to have absolutely phenomenal parents. My dad was kind enough to spare my mom for two whole weeks so she could come take care of us after having Cora. We were all thrilled to have my mom here. […]

Back to School

I can’t believe we are all ready well into the fourth week of school, and that sweet little Cora is already four weeks and two whole days old. Time sure fly’s when you spend hours on the couch nursing, and then sprinting around the house in a flurry just attempting to keep up =). My […]