The Girl Liza

Months later, Addie still talks about her little friend Eliza—their friendship is sweet and endearing. Here are just a few times “the girl Liza” has been mentioned =). Mom, I have to tell you some-ping. I wish Liza didn’t move. I want to play with her really badly—she is my friend. I only like to […]


Sunday November 4th, Wes gave our beautiful Cora Mae a blessing. It was a special day, and we were so happy to have family with us- Grandma and Grandpa Dyer, Chris, Lizzy, and Esther, and Jake, Sara, Ashlyn, and Evelyn.  Thank you all for your loving support! Cora was and angel… she was awake and […]

Happy Birthday!

We were so excited to have Grandma and Grandpa Dyer come visit and share in the special experience of Miss Cora Mae’s blessing. We celebrated Grandpa’s 64th birthday while he was here by setting off rockets, visiting the local heritage museum, watching the Lorax, and eating apple pie.   Dad you are an amazing example […]


“Autumn is really and truly my favorite season.” This is one of my favorite children books and like Bear each season holds special memories, tastes, and sounds. But I do love fall. It is gorgeous, as the trees transform into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow, and every walk is accompanied with sounds of […]

Doting Fairies

I know I am a wee bit late on this, but we had a great Halloween. The girls decided to dress up as Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Cora was their baby Aurora. I must say, there couldn’t have been a better fit for my girls. They made the perfect little doting fairies. They scurried flightily […]


I love watching my Hannah become a little woman and she is doing such a marvelous job of it. It is fun to be a by stander as I watch her play and talk with her friends. It is pretty cute ;). We still sing this cheer they do in the video every time someone […]

Stop touching me!!!

Hannah: STOP touching me!!! Kaitlyn: I just want to touch something other than myself. Don’t you just love being a mom? It’s so great. Seriously, I LOVE it! But with sentiments like this becoming common place, I devoured the book, “Siblings without Rivalry” in desperate hope that it could ease the pain and frequency of […]