cora bear

at two months you found something… and it is the cutest thing ever! At two months you were lifting your head during tummy time, accidentally rolling over, smiling sweetly, and had everyone head over heals.   Stats at 2 months: weight: 10 lbs 28% length: 23.5” 91% head: 15.5” 55%   Cora you are the […]

happy valentines day

  from our family to yours HaHaHaHa…. I can not stop giggling over this picture. I couldn’t stop laughing even in the moment when she was screaming her head off—I have the hardest time taking her seriously when she’s mad and that gets her even more upset. I am sorry Kaitlyn, I can’t help myself, […]

two weeks of sun therapy

Soaking up the Arizona sun and being with our families was a perfect. Starting a business is intense, fun, exciting, crazy, stressful, happy…and did I mention it’s intense? Vacations are absolutely essential for moral =). We arrived and continued the Christmas celebrations of getting and receiving. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!   Those are my […]

We did celebrate Christmas…

       We did decorate our tree. Decorating the tree was a true sign of what five kids has done to my level of perfection and increased ability to embrace complete chaos. I sat on the couch nursing Cora, snapping pictures one handed, as I watched four busy little bodies yank ornaments from the box, […]

new tracks part 2

Watching Jacob labor over his homework until 10pm! –holy molly– gave me insight into my own super awesome   idiosyncrasies =).  First let me just say, Jacob is an incredible mathematician, but watching him was painful. After sitting in a daze for way too long I would encourage, “Jacob, why don’t you work on your homework?” […]

new tracks

I was doing really well at just surviving, and quit frankly I was pleased with my gigantic effort in doing just that =). After all, I had just returned from sunny AZ with five kids, my ambitious entrepreneur husband, Christmas strewn across the house, and sickness right around the corner. Amidst the chaos, I made […]