spring weather report

We celebrated the first day of spring in sunny warm (mid 50’s) weather playing at the park, doodling in the road, and jumping rope. Two days later we woke up to…    SNOW! And these little monkeys couldn’t have been more pleased to start school two hours later =0. *FYI if you haven’t noticed Addie […]

i have a secret…

dip that will make every little heart swoon. Try Funkifettie Dip—sugar, sprinkles, and vanilla wafers—does life get any better than that? I think not. =) It brought Jacob home from his friends house in record speed and when I pleaded with the girls to “please just look at the camera.” Adelie responded, “But I CAN’T!” […]

spring bug

I feel like a hero today, because I finally did this: YEAH! Our closet has been rescued! No longer will we feel attacked by a thunderstorm of objects crashing down on our heads every time we try to get something out. I am so excited! And those lovely hooks have become a new obsession—I’m dreaming […]

marmee and papa

Thanks to Chris and Lizzy for having such a cute little man, Grandma and Grandpa  had to come visit. We had a fantastic time. Mom joined me at the gym in the mornings and shared her vast array of bosu ball workouts with me—she is incredible! Despite Adelie’s attempt to evade pictures you can just […]

welcome little sam

The end of January brought us a perfect bundle of love, our nephew and cousin, Sam. I adore birth and babies… and this was no different.      When I got the text of his safe arrival, I squealed with delight and then cried for joy. Oh Sam, we love you. You are a little […]


Oh, my sweet little Adelie, I could fill up volumes with all of the funny little things you say and do, and if you only let me snap more pictures, your amazing facial expressions—they crack me up. A few recent Addie-isms for keepsakes: Mama look, the water is sparkly. It’s so sparkly! I like sparkly […]