sheer delight

My sweet little Cora is almost 8 months old! There is nothing quite like a baby to affirm just how quickly time passes. Soon after hitting her six month mark she started to army crawl and she has begun to mark her territory, literally, with a white trail of spit blobs. I joke that she […]


I wrote this eons ago, but didn’t want to post without pictures. I kept waiting, and waiting, and pestering, and asking, and miraculously decent weather and a reluctant but willing 10-year-old boy finally aligned. Yipee!!! But 10-year-old boys don’t really appreciate the camera, just so you know =). Love this one! I can just hear […]

let the dyer adventures begin!

The phenomenal spring weather drove us from our hole, as we set off for one of our favorite adventures yet, on the Dungeness Spit. The ferry ride gave us stunning views of the Olympic Mountain Range, Mount Rainer, and Mount Baker. The kids loved running across the deck, looking over the water in hope of […]


We had a glorious Easter celebrating the life and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know Christ lives! I know He loves us and that through His atoning sacrifice we can repent and return to live with Him. This knowledge brings me immense peace and gratitude. Sunday after church we enjoyed a fabulous dinner […]

i dyed

K- I need your most honest feedback. I dyed my hair today and it turned out a lot darker than I had hoped. UGH…I just feel sick to my stomach. Why, oh why, do I do these things!?!

good morning!

Rise and shine, it’s morning time! And one by one they come piling in for morning snuggles. I love it so far as it starts no earlier than 7am ;) and so far as I do not wake up to a warm wet body by my side. =)   But seriously who could pass up […]