Jacob has had football games almost every Saturday for the last 2 months SMACK DAB in the middle of the day. I am extremely stingy with our time on Saturdays—I don’t like to share them and I especially don’t like having anything pre-scheduled. But we felt it was important for him to play this season […]

deception pass

may 23rd – may 25th 3rd camping trip in 2013 Over Memorial Day weekend we camped at Deception Pass, one of the prettiest places on earth. The majesty and beauty of that area is breathtaking. The area has it all, the Puget Sound, several lakes, hikes, and climbing.   We love being out in nature […]

let’s go fly a kite

Grandpa and Grandma Dyer came to visit the first weekend in April and we had a marvelous time! They came prepared to play with a bag full of kites and bubbles.   The kids had the time of their lives racing back and forth across the field with kites flying high above their heads. Their […]


this little woman as our newest two wheeler. And my goodness, she picked it up quick. So quickly, that I didn’t get a chance to pull out the Nikon before she was already riding like a pro.    Once she was on two wheels, Hannah, Kaitlyn, and Adelie spent every afternoon in the rode with […]


I just realized for the first time today why I feel slightly panicked and even anxious every time my kids leave my side. It stems from sitting in a hospital bed for nine long weeks unable to mother my sweet eighteen month old baby. I am forever grateful for my phenomenal mother who took care […]

31 years, 3 months, & 8 days old

I never thought I would get this old, not that I am pining over years past. I have never been one to wish back the good-old-days-of-high-school or that I was a young 20-something-year-old newly wed. When all my friends cried at graduation, I was elated it was finally over. And I loved our years as […]