dizzy & blind

 Most of our dinners are spent on the patio—this time of year is the best! One evening Hannah shared some of her 3rd grade “voodoo” tricks. You know, things like “K- close your eyes now push your fists together as hard as you can.” Then she would spin her hands around the persons and it […]


Jacob had a great season playing flag football for the first time.     It was a perfect outlet and he grew in both confidence and skill. He had a fabulous coach and teammates. I enjoyed dropping him off for practice, watching him hop the fence, and run out to his team…such a handsome little […]

first with seven

may 3rd – 4th We set out for our first campout with all seven of us in the beginning of May. I must admit I was nervous about camping with a baby, “would she sleep well? would she be warm enough? is she going to be mad she can’t crawl around? what about naps?…” But […]

girls weekend

may 17th-18th While the boys were off camping, we celebrated our first girls weekend with all five of us. We pampered ourselves with a spa night at home, pedicures, the Care Bear movie, treats, morning snuggles, and waffles and strawberries made by Hannah.   Love you Ladies!

No more papers, no more books…

Two days left… Honestly, I don’t know why I’ve even bothered sending my kids to school this month. This week in particular, they have been told all week things like bring your favorite toys, games, movies, and oh! don’t forget to come in your pajamas because we are having a pizza party!Say what??? I thought […]

9 months in, 9 months out…

and all I have to say is that 5 kids are kicking my booty. Holy smokes I am not joking! I have given up on ever seeing the bottom of my laundry basket and possibly even my kids bedroom floors. I feel lucky if I get the floors swept and forget moping, because by the […]