she just doesn’t stop

saying the sweetest and funniest things ever!

DSC_0823Things that just melt a moms heart like:

Mama, you look like a princess.
Mama, do you know that I love you “berry much”?
Mom you are berry nice to make us dinner.

One of my personal favorites:

Do you know that I love you even when you are mad?

Why’s that Adelie?

Because Jesus wants me to.

Well, I am glad for that. We have taught you well ;).

After celebrating Kaitlyn’s birthday,

On my next bird-day when I am a 100…
I like tricking people it’s funny.

Adelie makes running errands fun with her lively conversation and questions.

Mom, is that big dark monster that gets little girls who don’t do their hair real?

What are you talking about?

You know the one that Dad told us about when we were camping?

=) hmm… I don’t know. You will have to ask him.

But Mom, was he telling me the truth?

Don’t worry I reassured her that Dad was just teasing =) but she continued to ask me questions.

Mom, what things should I be scared of in this world?
Should I be scared of snakes?
Why not all snakes?

While grocery shopping, she really wanted to go to the deli and get a drink of water. I wanted to finish shopping while Cora was happy and every time she asked which was often, I would reply, “Just a second.” Finally she had, had it and cried,

I hate seconds!

Why are you so cute Adelie?

Because I want to be. [Wes and I quote her on this one almost daily ;)]

Recently her response is,

A-cause, you made me that way!


Adelie loves to play the I love you more than game. Some of my favorites are, “I love you more than popsicles!” “I love you more than sunshine!” and “Mom, do you know that I love you more than my friends?” Oh… melt my heart Adelie!

One evening during that cursed time of day when everything starts falling apart {you know right when you are trying to throw something together for dinner, and everyone is hungry, and tired, and grouchy? Yeah… that time} I mentioned to a certain someone that if they didn’t change the way they were talking to me they would be grounded.

Adelie piped up, “I know what grounded means.”

What does it mean?

It means your gonna be glued.

I laughed, what are you going to get glued to?

The floor… [while nodding her head with those know it all pursed lips]
… or the ceiling

Kaitlyn laughed and then chimed in,

or the wall!

Silly silly girls!


I don’t remember what Wes was doing or saying, but she leaned into me and whispered,

Mom, is Dad crazy?

And last but not least while playing some imaginary game with Kaitlyn, Adelie said,

Well, I’m a mom and I have to talk about EVERYTHING!

BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA! I love you Miss Addie-Lou!


p.s these two little women are the cutest little friends. Addie gets so excited when Esther comes over. “MOM! Guess what!?! Esther is here!…Come on Esther lets go…” and they are off =). Oh, how we love cousins.


4 thoughts on “she just doesn’t stop

  1. I hope that she never stops! She is so cute I just want to hug her, of course she may not let me she does like to tease her grandma. Love you all.

  2. I love this girl. She is so hilarious! And I love that you remember and record all these lovely conversations.

I always love your comments =).

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