a visit with grandma

Between our drive from Bear Lake to the farm we stopped in to visit my Grandma, who is in assisted living.

IMG_0387It made me so happy to see her and we had the most delightful time!

She has Alzheimer’s. In many ways it is hard to see her that way, but at the same time it makes her so innocent and sweet.

She is the most loving Grandma, I couldn’t ask for a better one. She told us multiple times with tears in her eyes, “Family is everything… don’t you forget that…It really is. I don’t know what I would do without my family.”

She also told us several times, “My you have a beautiful family… now how many are there of you… five! Well good job. I had six.” When she noticed that we only had one son she candidly responded, “Oh, that is all right. You’ll have some more.” HA-HA-HA!

IMG_0388 IMG_0393

I love her so much! She has taught me a lot from her sweet example. I told her that I have one of her token bits of wisdom written on my wall. Her eyes got wide and she asked, “Really? I said something wise? Well, what was it?” Just love them. It is incredibly true and really is the best advice any parent could have.


As we were ending our visit she wanted to give the kids a little something to take home. The kids looked around her room and spied three beautifully wrapped flower “candies” and a small chocolate. The girls had to have the flowers and Jacob got the chocolate. Before we even reached the van Kaitlyn had hers unwrapped and sampled. Blah…this doesn’t taste very good. We looked at the back packaging, it was SOAP! Ha-ha-ha! I guess you can’t always tell a candy from it’s cover. :)


After our week at the farm we met up with all my aunts, uncles, and most of my cousins on my dad’s side for a reunion at the park. Of course, Grandma made it! She “wouldn’t miss it for the world!” We had a great time catching up with family and playing games. It was especially fun to see one of my best friends and cousins Britney and her family. I only wish the reunion was longer.

I didn’t take any pictures while there, because 1) I saw my cousin Audrey snapping away and 2) I wanted to just visit while I could. I just need to track down those pictures now. :)


Britney and me with our babies, Cora and Morgan, that are only a few months apart. Love you Britt!


One thought on “a visit with grandma

  1. Oh thank you for this post. Grandma is sweet. I hope that I can learn to be as grateful as she is. She well always tell you thank you for even just the smallest things. She has always been that way. Also her example of prayer she prays about everything but especially her family. I am grateful for her example and love.

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