Rainforest Waterfall

Where do you think this picture was taken?


No, not Hawaii. This was taken at a waterfall near Duvall, Washington. We went on a hike with Chris, Lizzie, Esther and Sam. It is so fun having them here in Washington and we love to share adventures with them.



The hike was fun and not too long for our children. Although, at one point along the route, we weren’t sure if we were on the right trail given the obscure directions (left, right, left, left, right, right, …), but it turns out that we were right on track. Soon we were at the little pond and waterfall.

Jacob and I dared each other to get in all way in the cold water and eventually we both did. We finished the adventure off properly with a visit to the local Greek restaurant in Duvall.



Jacob giving his sister a ride + wild raspberries along the trail

Sincerely yours,

Guest Blogger

Wes Dyer


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