an ambitious ride

I was entirely too optimistic about an almost 2 mile bike ride. I overestimated Adelie’s biking skills and she was very sad when she found herself in the back . Cora and I kept her company. The little jaunt included a fairly steep hill for little legs, but we made it. My happy caboose! Feeling […]

the fair

   The free day at the fair was a hit! We met up with friends, saw the pig races, hung all over Lizzy’s stroller, thank you!, saw lots of animals and made it out without spending a dime. PHEW! My kids knew not to even ask. What angels!


I spent over an hour this morning trying to release Kate’s tightly wound hair from the grasp of this once a upon a time comb. I had to laugh because I recall doing the same thing to myself at her age in attempt to curl my hair. If you can’t tell from the picture, it […]

my boy

I find myself trying to bottle up every moment I get with this kid. It won’t be long and he will be off on his mission and then college. sigh.. it is exciting and all to quick at the same time. I went to day camp with him this year. So far I don’t embarrass […]

Jake’s visit

My cousin Jake came for a visit to climb Shuksan with Wes. The few days leading up to the climb they headed to Index to do some trad climbing. One morning  they took Jacob, of course he was thrilled to be with the men. The second day I was lucky to join them on a […]


Summer has been fantastic! Last Friday we returned home from our fourth camping trip this year. We have camped a total of 11 days and 7 nights. And let me tell you, some of those nights have been terribly long and painful with a squirmy fussy baby, but we made it and despite the long […]