Summer has been fantastic!

Last Friday we returned home from our fourth camping trip this year. We have camped a total of 11 days and 7 nights. And let me tell you, some of those nights have been terribly long and painful with a squirmy fussy baby, but we made it and despite the long nights I think I have one more trip left in me. {Yes, I am nuts!} We are going to attend our church campout in a couple weeks and I am super excited!

Camping with a baby is an…adventure =) but I am glad she has not stopped us from creating awesome memories as a family.

In addition to camping, we spent two full weeks in Utah and attended a total of four family reunions. It was fantastic to spend so much time with family and meet some new little faces for the first time.

I am anxious to pour through thousands of pictures and reminisce over our long sunny days.

For now I feel tired.  Tired of constantly playing catch up and then quickly turning around to plan and pack for the next big escape. I am tired of constantly trying to get Cora back into a routine and I am super tired of having tired kids who yell and scream at one another. I feel exhausted and yet not all at the same time, because I know it is quickly coming to an end.

On days when I feel tired and just need to be home, the kids and I play games. Jacob and Hannah are eager to learn every game in the house and we have a few ;).

One day Hannah and I spent hours working on what appeared to be a quick easy 55o piece puzzle, it was so not easy. But that made it all the more fun as we chatted and puzzled away, way past bedtime.


p.s Kaitlyn loves to steal my phone and take GOBS! of pictures. Good thing she is so cute.



2 thoughts on “ramblings

  1. Ya make me so darn happy. I almost called you today but then only ended up with a few minutes, so I didn’t. I feel exhausted, but not too.

  2. You are so brave to camp with Cora! It’s hard to feed babies, sleep them, nap them, hard to do everything camping with babies! You’re my hero as always :) Wish I could help you catch up on life. Love you

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