monster cakes

My incredible super woman friend, Danette, invited Addie and me over to make monster cakes. Something I would never even dream of undertaking.     These little ladies had entirely too much fun sampling the icing. Mmmm…. Again and again and again… Super cute girls with some pretty awesome hairy monsters!   Thanks again Danette! […]

cora + cozy heart = joy

    The night before Cora’s birthday she spied Cozy Heart for the first time and instantly fell in love. Kaitlyn was not too happy about this. In fact, she was down right mad. She grabbed it away, Cora screamed, and Jacob insisted that she had to give it back. I intervened and told Jacob that […]

back to school

It is the eleventh day of school and already it’s like we never left the scurried morning rush out the door, backpacks and papers strewn across the house, and homework and reading logs galore. In many ways I mourn the loss of our casual long summer days, but in many more ways I am enjoying […]

a chocolate beard

This little girl may be tiny but she sure can pack away the food. Some days it seems that she never leaves that chair. The moment I sweep up the crumbs she is clinging to my leg for a drink or something more to eat. Good thing she is so dang cute…     She […]

september sun

                                            There is nothing quite like a soft sunny day in September in Washington especially when I get to share it with these beautiful little ladies.