Happy Birthday

to my sweet Wesley! We partied with Halloween music, spooky cob webs, mouth watering pumpkin pie, donut eating contests, and a good old apple bob. Matt won the men’s contest. Go Matt! Lizzy creamed us! Wahoo!   The boys were thrilled with anticipation. I can just hear Jacob’s laughter falling through the air. Henry won […]

crawling to walking to TROUBLE

This little lady cracks me up! She could stand up in the middle of a room, dance and wiggle around, squat down pick up a toy, and stand back up again, but she would not take a step. 13 months Before walking she would do super scary stuff {and still does} like pull herself up […]

Field trip Friday

I am so happy Lizzy moved here- she is amazing! Not only do we have a fabulous time chatting but she gets me out of my hermit hole with the little girls for Field Trip Friday’s, walks, trips to the park, and library. This past Friday we had fun touring a local pumpkin patch. Cora […]

an affinity for swings

    Cora loves to swing and would spend her entire time at the park gently gliding back and forth. I believe her affinity for the swing comes primarily from two things. One,  it is fun and two it gives her a perfect view to safely observe her entire surroundings. She is a cautious, quite […]