Wes and one of his good friends, Matt, spent much of last fall and winter perfecting the art of homebrewed soda. It involved incredibly late nights, zesting, grating, squeezing, mincing, chopping, and of course tasting to create the perfect root beer and ginger beer.     They collected beer bottles from work parties, searched […]

it’s my party…

Happy birthday to my baby, now that she is almost a year and a half old. But January makes for a great time to sit at the computer for hours on end.  :) Oh, how my heart melts ever time I pull this soft little lady in for a snuggle. I love that cute little […]

something has got to change

Hello there. I have written more blogs in my head than I can count. There are days were I have felt motivated and inspired to sit down at night and get it all out in black and white, but for one reason or another it just hasn’t happened. Instead I do a lot of thinking, […]