there’s no place like home

Our house officially sold last week. It has been under contract since we moved, but just took forever to close.

It was a bitter sweet moment the day it was no longer ours.

I miss my home.

front_print  lr1_print  lr2_print

dr1_print  nook fam_print  room1_print

kitchen1_print  bath1_print  br3_print

br2_print  br1_print  bath2_print

back2_print  back1_print  br4_print

Looking back at these pictures makes my heart ache.

I miss the hours spent in my kitchen with a friends sitting at the counter talking, eating, preparing food, canning, making dinner together, or feeding a host of children.

I miss my beautiful bedroom and master bathroom.

I miss chasing the kids up the stairs to bed.

I miss our amazing neighbors and friends that loved us and helped us in countless ways.

Oh man, I really thought I was done crying. I thought I was okay.

I guess not…

I’m bawling with snot streaming down my face. Lovely, I know. *sniff*sniff*

Luckily the room is dark and no one is around to see me blubbering all over myself.

Photo (12)

Today we went on a hike to Castle Rock with some friends. It did my heart a world of good to escape the city. I felt like I could breathe. It was fantastic to set the kids loose sprinting up the trail.

Wes and I have decided we are not city people. I like visiting the city on occasion, but I would prefer to scale some rock face or climb a mountain over strolling through crowded streets any day.

Photo (13)  photo (11)

When the kids first spotted castle rock they were giddy with excitement. “Dad look at this cave! Look at all the holes up there! Oh wow! You have to come up here dad!” All while scampering up and over the rocks like little mountain goats.

We are excited to return and do some fun top roping later as a family.

photo1 (1)One of Wes’s really great friends, Peter, arrived today and was with us on the hike as well but he was kind and volunteered to be our photographer on both group shots. Thanks Pete!

Tromping through the forest as a family is just what I needed to start feeling like this can be home.


5 thoughts on “there’s no place like home

  1. Looks like a fun hike!! I can’t believe how big the kids are getting, especially Cora.. Love you guys.

  2. Oh, I love you. I know the feeling. I know the solace of the lush green. Thank goodness for forests.

  3. You did a beautiful job with your home! It looked like a model home! Please come help me decorate soon! It is sad leaving a home you have worked so hard on and made so memories in! I hope you are doing well! Love ya!

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