i {heart} my little red heads

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Adelie, Cora, and I are enjoying our days in sunny California drawing with chalk, going on walks, playing at the park, visiting a local farm, and eating lunch on the back porch.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my days than with these sweet little ladies

My baby Cora finally has enough hair for piggy-tails. Oh, it is so cute! But I am so not ready for her to grow up.

I guess she isn’t doing it too quickly since she hardly talks and the few words she does have are mamamama, dadadada, hi, whoa!, Wow!, nana {Hannah}, and I think that is about it. Other than that she squawks and cries “Aaah,” as she pulls and points people in the direction of what she wants.

Adelie is sweet as pie and can be often heard belting out “let it go… let it go… can’t hold it back anymore…heaven know I tried.” Oh, how I love that little muffin of love.


3 thoughts on “i {heart} my little red heads

  1. Oh, they are so cute!!! I love your little red-heads too. That Adelie looks so much like you. Jacob, Kaitlyn, and Cora – they all remind me so much of my little childhood BFF.

  2. I loved it when I was sitting next to Cora eating apple crisp. When she got more ice cream she tugged on my arm and pointed to her ice cream inviting me to share w/ her. Her little smile was so cute. How could I resist from eating more ice cream?

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