a Sunday tradition

This is Kaitlyn and Adelie’s massive bedroom that doubles as our playroom. We all love it!

It has quickly become a Sunday tradition for Jacob to truck across the house with bins of Lego’s and knights to join the girls in an epic battle against the ponies and Care Bears.

They have even found a way to incorporate Cora into battle scene. She is “King Kong” set loose to do her worst.

Occasionally, they tire of her destructive nature and all run out of the room in rapture, Cora follows and then before she knows it they are back in the room with the door slammed shut. Waaa! Poor Cora! She is stuck with her boring mom and dad.


Playroom-2  Playroom-3 Playroom-4

imageIt makes my heart happy to see their imaginations come alive especially, when they are playing so nicely.

Due to the grandeur of their play and I had create a huge incentive for them to clean it up. Meet the Uh-Oh box. It has helped :).

I am so grateful for smart moms, who share their tricks and printables!


3 thoughts on “a Sunday tradition

  1. Your kids have awesome imaginations and look like so much fun to play with! They must get that from you because we ALWAYS found something to do and it was ALWAYS so much fun!

  2. I love watching those imaginations too. Your kids were always fun to watch :) Glad you have such a fun space to play in.

I always love your comments =).

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