pet rocks


Rocks, garbage cans, testing kits, live sand, salt and more salt landed at our doorstep within weeks of moving in. Wes and Jacob were excited and super anxious to start a salt water aquarium. 

Having a salt water aquarium, has been a dream of Wes’s since he was a boy. The moment Jacob expressed the same interest Wes jumped on board and together they began to studying stacks of aquarium books and making notes on what kind of fish and corals could live cohesively in their tank.

After 2 months of babysitting rocks, taking water samples, and doing extensive water changes, the rocks were ready to enter the tank.

Aquarium-4Aquarium-7  Aquarium-9


One thought on “pet rocks

  1. Again, these pictures (I know) are simple, but super, super great. I love the story they are telling. LOVE!

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