point reyes seashore


A stunning day greeted us as we drove across the golden gate bridge to Marin County. We didn’t know exactly where we were headed, but we knew we were in for an adventure. And Point Reyes Seashore was a perfect pick.

Marin-Horkley-24  Marin-Horkley-38

Rolling grassy hillsides, wildflowers, fantastic company of the Horkley’s, backpacks full of snacks, seven little monkey’s in a tree, a dog named Rascal, and stunning vistas made this an unforgettable adventure.

Marin-Horkley-12Marin-Horkley-37  Marin-Horkley-41     Marin-Horkley-50  Marin-Horkley-7  Marin-Horkley-47 Marin-Horkley-19

A day hiking in the sun by the seashore with dear friends was exactly what I needed to fill the gapping holes in my heart. I realized California is beautiful and offers many wonderful adventures ahead if we are willing to seize them. Marin-Horkley-10  Marin-Horkley-11

Cora was de.ter.min.ed to get up the sandy hillside on. her. own! And she did it! :) We all love her spunk and adamant personality. She adores little Rascal and has almost convinced me to get her a dog. Give us a couple more years in this rental and then I will buckle :)

On our way home we stopped by a fabulous Mexican restaurant and eventually made it home in the dark.

It was a treat to have the Horkley’s visit! They are amazing friends. I appreciate their perspective and conversation immensely. Love you Horkely’s and hope you come again soon!


2 thoughts on “point reyes seashore

  1. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you ever worry about yourself as a photographer, Amber! These are GORGEOUS! You need to tell me when you backdate. I LOVE THIS!

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