back to the grind

We have been in school for almost four weeks and in many ways I feel like I am back in kindergarten, second, fifth, and sixth grade all at once :). It is going well, although some of the homework load is a bit of an adjustment.

I am so thankful I have sweet little Cora with me during the day. I sure love that lady. We have fun talking, working on puzzles, and taking trips to the library or the park. One of our favorite parts of the day is when we get to go pick up Addie from school. Cora hops on her little balance bike, throws on her shades, hot pink flip flops, and backpack and we are off. She gets a lot of attention and comments from people.

It is funny because we live in an area were most families have one or two kids, parents are throwing their child’s backpack over their shoulder, and walking them all the way to their classroom. In contrast, I am hurriedly rushing my four kids out the door to run off to school on their own, including my kindergartener :). Point is, it is really great for us to live in this area where there are some pretty stark contrasts between our life and those around us. I feel like we have a lot to give and we have so much that we can gain from this experience. Like calmly sending my kids to school ON TIME :).

It is a really funny experience to live here with FIVE kids. When people find out we have five kids, their jaw drops and they step back as if they are going to fall over in complete shock. This exact response has happened numerous times in doctor offices, at the school, and at the store and it makes me laugh every time.

One afternoon I picked up Adelie from a friends house, as we got talking I mentioned that we have five kids. She laughed and said, “Oh, I thought Adelie was making that up!” Ha-ha-ha! And another time, “How do you manage all the laundry? You must do a load a day.” or two :). It makes me laugh! But I am so glad that people feel comfortable enough to openly ask me any question and I find it exhilarating to meet so many people with varied backgrounds and cultures. I am learning and gaining so much from them.

I have to admit that there are still plenty of times that I miss home, family, and friends to the point that I wind up being a teary mess at the drop of a hat. But I have done a lot of self talk and decided a few things:

1. I need to be more grateful

2. I need to look for similarities and rejoice in the differences

3. I need to distracting myself from myself with a good book like David Copperfield. Love it so far!

4. I need to reach back as a friend

5. I need to stop thinking about me and look to serve

6. I need to get outside everyday

Basically, I just need a big attitude adjustment.

Anyway, somehow a post about school starting ended up being all about me. Guess I still have a ways to go. HA-HA!


4 thoughts on “back to the grind

  1. Reading your post is my attitude adjustment, you’re always so positive and upbeat. I found myself crying when I looked at pictures of my kitchen in Washington wishing my new kitchen were as big. Talk about needing an attitude adjustment. I’m so glad you blog, I feel like I’m still connected to you and your cute family.

  2. I love you! You are amazing and a great mother. You teach me everyday to be more loving a thoughtful of others and how they feel. I am so glad you are my daughter.

  3. Oh Amber! You are amazing. I am sure you amaze all those small families with your five kids because you are so fit and fresh and fun. Not frazzled and frumpy. Glad you have figured a few things out too. Moving and changes aren’t easy.

I always love your comments =).

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