welcome baby drew


I recently did a newborn photo shoot for a darling couple in my ward!

Newborn photo shoots are by far my favorite! It is probably one of the few times I will be passed a baby and be given full rights to love and snuggle that little bundle of joy without any qualms from mom or dad. “Oh, no! You know what you are doing, go right ahead.”

Score! I found my baby fix. :)

WelcomeDrew-13 WelcomeDrew-14  WelcomeDrew-22 

Thanks for giving me this opportunity and once again congratulations on a beautiful baby boy! He is precious!


3 thoughts on “welcome baby drew

  1. Again, so lovely, Amber. You do a beautiful job! Sort of makes me wish I could go back in time — to all of my babies — and have you take their pictures. Wouldn’t that be so fun?!

  2. Thanks Rachel! Yes, that would be so fun! You are so kind to me and thanks for all your help and encouragement along the way. Love you!

I always love your comments =).

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