The gift of Love

Cora Mae Dyer   Rarely is anything “too personal” for me to share, I share my thoughts openly and often far to willingly…but the birth of Cora Mae was deeply personal, and I struggle to find adequate words to express my true feelings. Her pregnancy, labor, and delivery to get here was similar, but my […]

Labor Day

It’s a girl! We already knew that, but we are utterly delighted that she is here now. Cora Mae Dyer was born at 3:15 on Labor Day (Monday September 3rd, 2012). She is beautiful, healthy, and so very loved. For the numerically minded among you, she is weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and […]

Prayers Please

UGH… I was having contractions all throughout the day yesterday. Nothing much and I really wasn’t sure anything was going to come of it. But tonight or last night, who knows what it is when you get zero sleep, the contractions picked up the pace and have kept me up all night long. I have […]

Thoughts on FIVE

I have never really been a huge fan of odd numbers of people, especially when it came to my family size. I was perfectly content with our four children and when asked if we would have more kids I replied, “I think it would take an angelic vision to convince me to have another one […]

It’s a GIRL!!!!

Ah…pregnancy. Such a wonderfully nutty time in life. I swear, when I am pregnant I have a slight bipolar disorder or something =). One day I am bubbling over with excitement about outfits, maternity clothes, bows, dresses, and names. My mind is whirling with excitement, “What will she look like?” “What color will her hair […]

Ecstatic to welcome Baby #5

Before I even had an inkling of the arrival of this little one, Adelie and Kaitlyn positively informed me that there is a “baby in your tummy.” Adelie: I just want a baby sister. Me: What will you do with her? Adelie: Tickle her. My sweet little blob at 12 weeks One day Adelie was […]

Playing the Name Game

This is the first time we have struggled to come up with a name for our new little bundle of joy.  We asked the kids what they thought we should name their sister.  They thought Smiley would be a great name!  Later Jacob suggested Luke, like Luke Skywalker.  And Hannah joked that we should name […]