first with seven

may 3rd – 4th We set out for our first campout with all seven of us in the beginning of May. I must admit I was nervous about camping with a baby, “would she sleep well? would she be warm enough? is she going to be mad she can’t crawl around? what about naps?…” But […]

deception pass

may 23rd – may 25th 3rd camping trip in 2013 Over Memorial Day weekend we camped at Deception Pass, one of the prettiest places on earth. The majesty and beauty of that area is breathtaking. The area has it all, the Puget Sound, several lakes, hikes, and climbing.   We love being out in nature […]

The Art of Bellowing

We had a fantastic time camping with a few of our friends this weekend at Flowing Lake.  It is a perfect place to camp if you are just looking for the camping experience and only have one night.  It is only 20 minutes from our door step. Our campsite was huge and full of gravel.  […]