On a Rope

Climbing dates are by far my favorite.  If I had a guess, they would be one of Wes’s too . Way back at the beginning of June we went on a date to Marymoore and climbed the walls with a few of our friends.  We had tons of fun and good laughs. Later that month, […]

Pumped Jell-O

Climbing has quickly become my favorite activity for a date, whether it is in the gym or in the great outdoors, I LOVE it! After a “really good climb” {aka an incredibly hard climb} Wes will say, “Wow, that was awesome!  My arms are pumped.” Apparently, “pumped” is the the term climbers use for, “The […]

golden larches

I wonder if I will ever get caught up on my blog?  Probably not.  But, that is probably a good thing =). I just never know what to blog. Something from the far past, something from the recent past, or something from the future =).  And if I spend too much time debating over it, […]