A Fall Flop

October 2013 A year ago I took my kids out to a beautiful grassy hillside at a historical farm in Duvall, Washington to capture the joy and wonder of their childhood. Wes was the entertainment for the night and he did a marvelous job, but it was impossible to get all five sets of little […]

a mess of fun

There are a lot of things I don’t really love about our home, but this room makes up for all of that. The room usually looks like a tornado hit and there are times I feel super crazy inside just glancing in. That feeling leaves me with a need to do one of three things, […]

a Sunday tradition

This is Kaitlyn and Adelie’s massive bedroom that doubles as our playroom. We all love it! It has quickly become a Sunday tradition for Jacob to truck across the house with bins of Lego’s and knights to join the girls in an epic battle against the ponies and Care Bears. They have even found a […]

i {heart} my little red heads

      Adelie, Cora, and I are enjoying our days in sunny California drawing with chalk, going on walks, playing at the park, visiting a local farm, and eating lunch on the back porch. I can’t think of a better way to spend my days than with these sweet little ladies My baby Cora […]

it’s my party…

Happy birthday to my baby, now that she is almost a year and a half old. But January makes for a great time to sit at the computer for hours on end.  :) Oh, how my heart melts ever time I pull this soft little lady in for a snuggle. I love that cute little […]

crawling to walking to TROUBLE

This little lady cracks me up! She could stand up in the middle of a room, dance and wiggle around, squat down pick up a toy, and stand back up again, but she would not take a step. 13 months Before walking she would do super scary stuff {and still does} like pull herself up […]