blue skies =D!

I woke up to a perfectly stunning blue sky and sun streaming into my bedroom.  Glorious!  A blue sky with new spring green leaves is one of my most favorite sights in all the world.  Actually this entire week has been just gorgeous! When you live somewhere where it is mostly sunny do you still […]

I love Spray Paint and Ribbon!

Ribbon and spray paint have become my new best friends when it comes to decorating.  I love them!  The possibilities are endless. I decided the best way to finish off Hannah’s room would be to just use white material and get ribbon to match the colors in her bedding.  These two projects have by far […]

Creating Joy!

The combination of being pregnant and the changing weather have caused me to go into super-mega project mode.  I always love projects, organizing,  and decorating, but now it is to the extreme.  As if I wasn’t already =).  First, I tackled our disastrous garage.  It wasn’t this bad to begin with.  This picture was taken […]


Hurray!  I can finally check this off my list!  Man, it took forever to get this post DONE.  First I had to find the old pictures and then getting pictures of the entire house clean is quite a trick =)!    Yes, that wall use to be PINK! And the other walls were RED. hmm… […]

100% Guaranteed

We have enjoyed three wonderful years with ugly stained blue carpet.  When I was painting I decided, “Why worry about drop clothes and paint spillage.  I will make a royal mess of this carpet so I can guarantee new carpet the day I finish painting.” Also looking at my ugly blue stained painted carpet gave […]