point reyes seashore

A stunning day greeted us as we drove across the golden gate bridge to Marin County. We didn’t know exactly where we were headed, but we knew we were in for an adventure. And Point Reyes Seashore was a perfect pick.   Rolling grassy hillsides, wildflowers, fantastic company of the Horkley’s, backpacks full of snacks, […]

Parties and Goodbyes

  The last calling I had in my ward before moving was a Sunday School teacher with the 16-18 year olds. It was by far my favorite calling. I know you are not suppose to have favorite callings, but this was the best! I loved meeting with them each week to hear how their week […]


  Wes and one of his good friends, Matt, spent much of last fall and winter perfecting the art of homebrewed soda. It involved incredibly late nights, zesting, grating, squeezing, mincing, chopping, and of course tasting to create the perfect root beer and ginger beer.     They collected beer bottles from work parties, searched […]

monster cakes

My incredible super woman friend, Danette, invited Addie and me over to make monster cakes. Something I would never even dream of undertaking.     These little ladies had entirely too much fun sampling the icing. Mmmm…. Again and again and again… Super cute girls with some pretty awesome hairy monsters!   Thanks again Danette! […]

the fair

   The free day at the fair was a hit! We met up with friends, saw the pig races, hung all over Lizzy’s stroller, thank you!, saw lots of animals and made it out without spending a dime. PHEW! My kids knew not to even ask. What angels!


On our way home from Utah and four awesome reunions, we just had to crash the DuRee’s house and play. Oh, how we miss them… It broke my heart when they moved and a year later I am not much recovered from the loss. sob. Addie told me the other day how badly she still […]

happy 4th!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. It fills me with immense gratitude for the tremendous sacrifice that has been offered for our freedom and prosperity. It reminds me to stand valiantly as our freedoms are being threatened from every angle—in the school system, personal privacy, gun control, health care, […]


Jacob has had football games almost every Saturday for the last 2 months SMACK DAB in the middle of the day. I am extremely stingy with our time on Saturdays—I don’t like to share them and I especially don’t like having anything pre-scheduled. But we felt it was important for him to play this season […]

deception pass

may 23rd – may 25th 3rd camping trip in 2013 Over Memorial Day weekend we camped at Deception Pass, one of the prettiest places on earth. The majesty and beauty of that area is breathtaking. The area has it all, the Puget Sound, several lakes, hikes, and climbing.   We love being out in nature […]