A Fall Flop

October 2013 A year ago I took my kids out to a beautiful grassy hillside at a historical farm in Duvall, Washington to capture the joy and wonder of their childhood. Wes was the entertainment for the night and he did a marvelous job, but it was impossible to get all five sets of little […]

back to school

It is the eleventh day of school and already it’s like we never left the scurried morning rush out the door, backpacks and papers strewn across the house, and homework and reading logs galore. In many ways I mourn the loss of our casual long summer days, but in many more ways I am enjoying […]

an ambitious ride

I was entirely too optimistic about an almost 2 mile bike ride. I overestimated Adelie’s biking skills and she was very sad when she found herself in the back . Cora and I kept her company. The little jaunt included a fairly steep hill for little legs, but we made it. My happy caboose! Feeling […]


Summer has been fantastic! Last Friday we returned home from our fourth camping trip this year. We have camped a total of 11 days and 7 nights. And let me tell you, some of those nights have been terribly long and painful with a squirmy fussy baby, but we made it and despite the long […]

backyard reservoir

SIGH… I am feeling much better, and so is Cora. YIPEE! We have picked blackberries to our hearts content… well, not quite, we are going again today. How can you not when those luscious little berries are sitting on the side of the road just begging to be picked??? While we were homebound with sick […]


Jacob has had football games almost every Saturday for the last 2 months SMACK DAB in the middle of the day. I am extremely stingy with our time on Saturdays—I don’t like to share them and I especially don’t like having anything pre-scheduled. But we felt it was important for him to play this season […]