A Fall Flop

October 2013 A year ago I took my kids out to a beautiful grassy hillside at a historical farm in Duvall, Washington to capture the joy and wonder of their childhood. Wes was the entertainment for the night and he did a marvelous job, but it was impossible to get all five sets of little […]

a mess of fun

There are a lot of things I don’t really love about our home, but this room makes up for all of that. The room usually looks like a tornado hit and there are times I feel super crazy inside just glancing in. That feeling leaves me with a need to do one of three things, […]

pet rocks

Rocks, garbage cans, testing kits, live sand, salt and more salt landed at our doorstep within weeks of moving in. Wes and Jacob were excited and super anxious to start a salt water aquarium.  Having a salt water aquarium, has been a dream of Wes’s since he was a boy. The moment Jacob expressed the […]

a Sunday tradition

This is Kaitlyn and Adelie’s massive bedroom that doubles as our playroom. We all love it! It has quickly become a Sunday tradition for Jacob to truck across the house with bins of Lego’s and knights to join the girls in an epic battle against the ponies and Care Bears. They have even found a […]

what you really want to know…

How are the kids? The kids are doing really well! They are adjusting quickly and enjoy making new friends.       Taken on their first day of school in California! They were anxious, excited, and nervous all at the same time. Making new friends for them often goes something like this: Addie: Mom! I made […]

back to school

It is the eleventh day of school and already it’s like we never left the scurried morning rush out the door, backpacks and papers strewn across the house, and homework and reading logs galore. In many ways I mourn the loss of our casual long summer days, but in many more ways I am enjoying […]

an ambitious ride

I was entirely too optimistic about an almost 2 mile bike ride. I overestimated Adelie’s biking skills and she was very sad when she found herself in the back . Cora and I kept her company. The little jaunt included a fairly steep hill for little legs, but we made it. My happy caboose! Feeling […]