on being new

I have introduced myself for what seems like the hundredth time. Can I just say, I do not like being the newbie? However, I love meeting new people. I find it fascinating and exhilarating! I just don’t like being on center stage answering the same questions for the ba-gillionth time. I would much rather have […]

something has got to change

Hello there. I have written more blogs in my head than I can count. There are days were I have felt motivated and inspired to sit down at night and get it all out in black and white, but for one reason or another it just hasn’t happened. Instead I do a lot of thinking, […]

Jake’s visit

My cousin Jake came for a visit to climb Shuksan with Wes. The few days leading up to the climb they headed to Index to do some trad climbing. One morning  they took Jacob, of course he was thrilled to be with the men. The second day I was lucky to join them on a […]

post vacation blues

Do you ever feel sad for yourself… Sad that your not on vacation any more? Sad that your not surrounded by family and friends? Sad that upon returning home you have a messy house and loads of laundry? Sad that you had a fevering four year old for five whole days and the moment she […]

9 months in, 9 months out…

and all I have to say is that 5 kids are kicking my booty. Holy smokes I am not joking! I have given up on ever seeing the bottom of my laundry basket and possibly even my kids bedroom floors. I feel lucky if I get the floors swept and forget moping, because by the […]


I just realized for the first time today why I feel slightly panicked and even anxious every time my kids leave my side. It stems from sitting in a hospital bed for nine long weeks unable to mother my sweet eighteen month old baby. I am forever grateful for my phenomenal mother who took care […]

31 years, 3 months, & 8 days old

I never thought I would get this old, not that I am pining over years past. I have never been one to wish back the good-old-days-of-high-school or that I was a young 20-something-year-old newly wed. When all my friends cried at graduation, I was elated it was finally over. And I loved our years as […]

i dyed

K- I need your most honest feedback. I dyed my hair today and it turned out a lot darker than I had hoped. UGH…I just feel sick to my stomach. Why, oh why, do I do these things!?!

new tracks part 2

Watching Jacob labor over his homework until 10pm! –holy molly– gave me insight into my own super awesome   idiosyncrasies =).  First let me just say, Jacob is an incredible mathematician, but watching him was painful. After sitting in a daze for way too long I would encourage, “Jacob, why don’t you work on your homework?” […]