girls weekend

may 17th-18th While the boys were off camping, we celebrated our first girls weekend with all five of us. We pampered ourselves with a spa night at home, pedicures, the Care Bear movie, treats, morning snuggles, and waffles and strawberries made by Hannah.   Love you Ladies!

New Year Resolution

One warm sunny afternoon in Arizona my sister asked, “So, what are your new years resolutions?” My first thought, “I just want to survive the year.” The holidays were wonderful, but with a fifth baby I felt like I was just treading through the treats, the shopping, the food, the packing, the wrapping…boy I sound […]

making a list…

I absolutely, positively love. love. love. Christmas! I love scouring the stores whether it is online or off for the perfect gift—can I just say, online shopping is the best!?! My girls are able to happily destroy the house, Cora receives all naps- uninterrupted, while I sit at the computer with a messy bun, jammies, […]

Stop touching me!!!

Hannah: STOP touching me!!! Kaitlyn: I just want to touch something other than myself. Don’t you just love being a mom? It’s so great. Seriously, I LOVE it! But with sentiments like this becoming common place, I devoured the book, “Siblings without Rivalry” in desperate hope that it could ease the pain and frequency of […]

A crazy cuckoo bird

I like my Cora! I’m glad she’s she. There’s no one else I’d rather have her be. I like her eyes,   her ears, her nose.   I like her fingers and her toes… I’d still like Cora with fleas or warts, or with a silly snout that snorts, or knobby knees or hippo hips […]

A snip-it

Last week I had a really, really, L-O-N-G day.  And now that it is over I can talk about it =).  It was a hard day.  The kids weren’t feeling well and they were less than pleasant to be around.   Jacob and Hannah wanted to watch a movie.  They agreed upon a movie but couldn’t […]