happy 4th!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. It fills me with immense gratitude for the tremendous sacrifice that has been offered for our freedom and prosperity. It reminds me to stand valiantly as our freedoms are being threatened from every angleā€”in the school system, personal privacy, gun control, health care, […]

Mawidge is what bwings us togethaw today

It saddens me when a person can not share their opinion on an issue without being labeled ignorant, bigoted, or hateful. The irony is the same people crying for tolerance and understanding, are upset, intolerant of another view, and find it offensive. Why is that?   I know this does not apply to most, since […]

Love it!

Congratulations Arizona, California, and Florida on standing strong in defending families, marriage, and children!!  It is amazing to see the power of the people and the difference that one can make.  Congratulations to President-elect Obama.  I hope and pray for him and our country that we will choose righteousness.  I have great hope for America.  […]

Vote for America

In both Arizona and California, people will vote tomorrow on Propositions 102 and 8, respectively.  The propositions state that marriage is between one man and one woman.  I would encourage all to read this wonderful blog supporting both propositions.  Below are a couple paragraphs from one of the posts entitled, Legislation and Social Issues …Laws […]


Before I get on my soap box about the election let me first say two things.  One, “America: A Patriotic Primer” is an awesome book to read with your kids.  I love America!  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for those who made and continue to keep America free. Two, why is it that […]