On our way home from Utah and four awesome reunions, we just had to crash the DuRee’s house and play. Oh, how we miss them… It broke my heart when they moved and a year later I am not much recovered from the loss. sob. Addie told me the other day how badly she still […]

Crittenden Reunion

  We decided to maximize our time in Utah. After the Dyer reunion we headed to the farm for the Merkley’s and then stayed for another week with my family for an absolutely fantastic time. It has been my mom’s dream for years for all of us to gather at Grandpa’s farm, it finally happened, […]

a visit with grandma

Between our drive from Bear Lake to the farm we stopped in to visit my Grandma, who is in assisted living. It made me so happy to see her and we had the most delightful time! She has Alzheimer’s. In many ways it is hard to see her that way, but at the same time […]

family tree

Finally after eleven years of marriage, we made it to the Merkley family reunion. I have seen family members over the years, but never at a huge gathering and I was super excited!  We had a fantastic time visiting with everyone, playing games, and reminiscing about Grandma and Grandpa. That is what you call a […]

Dyer Reunion

We made the 14+ hour journey to Bear Lake, Utah to gather for the Dyer reunion with over 120 people. It was phenomenal! Once again Aunt Shirl planned beautifully and bought car loads of food and supplies for a week with family. We had a marvelous time! It was so great to reconnect with cousins, […]