Jacob had a great season playing flag football for the first time.     It was a perfect outlet and he grew in both confidence and skill. He had a fabulous coach and teammates. I enjoyed dropping him off for practice, watching him hop the fence, and run out to his team…such a handsome little […]


This soccer season was amazing for Jacob.  He was an entirely different boy on the field.  He was surprisingly competitive, and aggressive.  He would steal the ball, dribble with confidence, and shoot.  Wes and I were in awe with the transformation.  Go Jacob!    Jacob’s cheerleaders Jacob’s good friend made soccer practice and games worth […]


This weekend has been absolutely glorious!!!   It has been sunny and warm.  We were able to enjoy garage sales, the sprinklers, sidewalk chalk, BBQ’s, movies, water gun fights, t-ball, and an amazing hike.  It was wonderful!!!! Saturday morning Wes went and got several water guns and then we raced around the house shooting each other […]


Jacob is LOVING soccer now! Yes! Today when we got to practice he just ran over to his team without me.  I am happy that he is feeling more confident.  Today at practice he scored 3 goals when they “scrimmaged” and last week 4!  I really don’t care about how many goals he gets but […]

Mob Ball and Preschool

Tuesdays are our busiest funnest days of the week.  We start it off going to the YMCA were I take a kick boxing class that I absolutely LOVE!!  It is an amazing workout and I leave totally exhausted.  It is fabulous! Then we go straight to preschool.  It is a co-op home school group.  So, there are kids […]

Imaginary Baseball

 Last night  Wes had a softball game.  He did great!  He had his best hit of the season.  He smacked it over their heads and got on third.  He plays in left field and doesn’t miss a play.  Wes you’re AWESOME! The kids got creative and went on a vacant field and played baseball. =) They pitched to […]


Well, we survived our  first round of T-ball.  It was absolutely hilarious to go to his games because you either had kids staring off in to la la land or running for every ball that is hit no matter where it is on the field and then it becomes mob ball.  Jacob did a great job […]