back to the grind

We have been in school for almost four weeks and in many ways I feel like I am back in kindergarten, second, fifth, and sixth grade all at once :). It is going well, although some of the homework load is a bit of an adjustment. I am so thankful I have sweet little Cora […]

on being new

I have introduced myself for what seems like the hundredth time. Can I just say, I do not like being the newbie? However, I love meeting new people. I find it fascinating and exhilarating! I just don’t like being on center stage answering the same questions for the ba-gillionth time. I would much rather have […]

friends are like sunshine

Moving was way harder than I ever expected. I was surrounded by angelic friends, as they cleaned my entire house. I was overwhelmed with love for each of these amazing women, that I have learned so much from. Thank you for not just for cleaning my house, but for being part of my life. I […]


We have known for over a month that we are moving. It has been a roller coaster of emotions ever since. I told Wes “I am going to cry until the day we move, but once we move I will be happy and excited for our future.  But for now, I give myself full permission […]

good morning!

Rise and shine, it’s morning time! And one by one they come piling in for morning snuggles. I love it so far as it starts no earlier than 7am ;) and so far as I do not wake up to a warm wet body by my side. =)   But seriously who could pass up […]

Oh, help us.

Ha! I just love my little ladies! They make my days just grand. Most of the time anyway. Sometimes they make me completely NUTS!!! And I even experience a brief desire to run away and hide, but mostly they just make me happy. While eating lunch they were ecstatic that they both had matching plates. […]

But I will cry forever

Tonight, Adelie has been on a desperate mission trying to convince me to cave into her will: “Mom, you sleep by me?” I’ll come sing you a song, but I can’t sleep in your bed. “But mom, I will cry forever.” …. “Mom, I’ll be your friend if you do.” … “Can I sleep on […]

Under Construction

I have so much to catch up on and even more thoughts racing through my mind.  If only I could have my thoughts instantly recorded.  That would be fantastic =). Just know, our life is currently under construction.  But piece by piece it is coming back together and I am starting to feel good.  I […]

chilly croquet

On one of the coldest days in November we enjoyed a chilly yet gorgeously sunny game of croquet.  We all had a fabulous time.  Addie however, hated almost every minute of it.  Poor girl was desperately missing her bed. But it was sunny and we HAD to be outside to receive some much needed UV […]


Before we left for Arizona it snowed.  The kids were bouncing off the walls with eager anticipation. That night we had a family snow ball fight.  It was Jacob, Hannah, and I versus Wes and Kaitlyn.  We pretty much rocked his world ;).  Yeah right.  But I did fight back with much strength after receiving […]