two weeks of sun therapy

Soaking up the Arizona sun and being with our families was a perfect. Starting a business is intense, fun, exciting, crazy, stressful, happy…and did I mention it’s intense? Vacations are absolutely essential for moral =). We arrived and continued the Christmas celebrations of getting and receiving. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!   Those are my […]

tickled tongue and delighted senses

I was extremely excited to celebrate our ten year anniversary.  I started planning months in advance and really wanted to surprise Wes with a trip. Through our marriage Wes has usually been the one to plan our dates, or trips, and has even taken me on a surprise vacation. When my mom was here I […]

Experience is Good

Last weekend I went to Arizona ALL BY MYSELF.  It was novel and a little weird.  As I left, my kids were crying, especially Hannah, and so was I.   I was a mess. Of course, Wes and I have been away on trips, but this was the first time I went on a trip with […]


On August 12th my gorgeous sister-in-law, Lindsay, married Preston. They are an amazing couple and we are thrilled to have Preston in the family!  What a great guy! Isn’t her dress STUNNING!?!  She was absolutely radiant.  Apparently that afternoon she was at Arbys.  What bride is that calm that she is hanging out with family […]

Screaming Slides

February 10-12th I stole Wes away for a weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge {one of America’s largest indoor water parks} with our friends the DuRee’s, Bates’s, and Horkley’s.  It was a blast! Our favorite slide was the Howlin’ Tornado, a six-story multi-person tube ride with 65-foot funnel drops.  My first trip down the Tornado […]

Emergency Camp Trip

Camping on San Juan Island 6/10-6/12 It was an amazing and much needed escape. The Ferry Ride   Kaitlyn and Adelie pretending to be little monkeys.  The kids loved running around on the upper deck, spotting seals, playing on benches, and follow the leader.  Kaitlyn is our wonderer, Adelie is our follower.  Together they keep […]

O Canada

Guess what!?!  Wes saved my our computer from a fatal death.  And more importantly he saved all of my our pictures. =) [HUGE, HUGE, sigh of relief] If you haven’t already, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER! especially your pictures. I would seriously sob my eyes out if I lost any pictures.  It is hard for me […]