Jake’s visit

My cousin Jake came for a visit to climb Shuksan with Wes. The few days leading up to the climb they headed to Index to do some trad climbing. One morning  they took Jacob, of course he was thrilled to be with the men. The second day I was lucky to join them on a […]

let’s go fly a kite

Grandpa and Grandma Dyer came to visit the first weekend in April and we had a marvelous time! They came prepared to play with a bag full of kites and bubbles.   The kids had the time of their lives racing back and forth across the field with kites flying high above their heads. Their […]

marmee and papa

Thanks to Chris and Lizzy for having such a cute little man, Grandma and Grandpa  had to come visit. We had a fantastic time. Mom joined me at the gym in the mornings and shared her vast array of bosu ball workouts with me—she is incredible! Despite Adelie’s attempt to evade pictures you can just […]

Stories with Grandpa

We were thrilled to have Grandpa come visit. He came to join Wes and Jacob on their annual snow caving trip that Jacob reported on. We had a wonderful time talking with him, hearing stories of great grandpa Dyer, and gleaning bits of knowledge from his vast wisdom. He has experienced a lot and in […]

Some Chicks Visit

We were extremely happy to have my wonderful cousin Rachel Chick, her husband Nels, and five beautiful daughters come visit over the weekend, several weekends ago. It was delightful and rejuvenating to my soul to be with family. YIPEE SNOW! The kids had a blast making forts, having snowball fights, sledding down the slide, and […]

Love those Big Brown Eyes

June 13th-14th It was a privileged to have my Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Dave, and Aunt Renske come stay with us.  I enjoyed catching up with my Aunt Renske.  She is thoughtful and caring of others.  Hannah enjoyed their conversation on the ride to the airport. I had forgotten how great it was to hear my […]