pet rocks

Rocks, garbage cans, testing kits, live sand, salt and more salt landed at our doorstep within weeks of moving in. Wes and Jacob were excited and super anxious to start a salt water aquarium.  Having a salt water aquarium, has been a dream of Wes’s since he was a boy. The moment Jacob expressed the […]

the why, where, and when

* I wrote this WAY back in February and never got around to posting it, because I wanted to slide a few pictures in. Shame on my for waiting so long! It feels like the last few months have slipped into oblivion. But I am back and ready to lay claim to my life. I […]


  Wes and one of his good friends, Matt, spent much of last fall and winter perfecting the art of homebrewed soda. It involved incredibly late nights, zesting, grating, squeezing, mincing, chopping, and of course tasting to create the perfect root beer and ginger beer.     They collected beer bottles from work parties, searched […]

Happy Birthday

to my sweet Wesley! We partied with Halloween music, spooky cob webs, mouth watering pumpkin pie, donut eating contests, and a good old apple bob. Matt won the men’s contest. Go Matt! Lizzy creamed us! Wahoo!   The boys were thrilled with anticipation. I can just hear Jacob’s laughter falling through the air. Henry won […]

dizzy & blind

 Most of our dinners are spent on the patio—this time of year is the best! One evening Hannah shared some of her 3rd grade “voodoo” tricks. You know, things like “K- close your eyes now push your fists together as hard as you can.” Then she would spin her hands around the persons and it […]

happy valentines day

  from our family to yours HaHaHaHa…. I can not stop giggling over this picture. I couldn’t stop laughing even in the moment when she was screaming her head off—I have the hardest time taking her seriously when she’s mad and that gets her even more upset. I am sorry Kaitlyn, I can’t help myself, […]