President Hinckley

 I have wondered, what are you suppose to do when a Prophet passes away?  Tonight I took some time and watched a few video’s on YouTube.  As I watched tears came to my eyes as I remembered the great love I gained for President Hinckley in my youth.  His life and example have been and […]

We can do hard things

The kids wanted to take their little table upstairs to build a tent.  They worked together to accomplish this task and exclaimed, “Look! We are doing teamwork.”  As they are carrying it up the stairs Jacob said, “We are Dyer’s.  So, we are strong.” Hannah: “Yeah, we can do hard things.” I love it!!  Whenever […]

Jacob is 5!!!!

Okay, so he turned 5 a few weeks ago.  I’m a little behind.  I’ll blame it on the fact that I made one and only one resolution this year and that is to go to bed by 10.  It’s not going so well this week =). Wes worked so hard yesterday to make my birthday […]

Our trip to the Sun

We had a fabulous time in Arizona!  I love our trips to see family.  And for the first time in two years we were all together again!! Hooray!! Josh got home from his mission on the 19th of December.  He was an amazing valiant missionary who served with all his heart.  He truly loved those […]